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Bridgetown Monroe rum bar brings you their cocktail of the week!

Another week in lockdown, another copious amounts of rum consumed and we are labeled as one of the best mobile bars in the UK. We know our rum, we know our rum cocktails and we certainly know how to make a brilliant mean cocktail.

Bridgetown Monroe are based just north of London, we serve the entire nation (well we did until Mr Covid came along) and we love nothing more than to supply the best rums from around the world. We adore Tiki, and the creation of rum cocktails around this art form and once we are all released and we can mingle again we will be showcasing our cocktails more and more. Until then... we can enjoy this cocktail.....

Our cocktail of the week this week is EL PRESIDENTE

The drink recipe comes from the Smugglers Cove book, but El Presidente is such an iconic drink that honours a Cuban President. Mr Wayne Curtis says, "part tropical treat, part sophisticated lounge drink and wholly Cuban"

You will need-

1/2 teaspoon of Grenadine

20ml of Dry Vermouth

15ml of Curacao

Orange Peel

45ml of light aged rum.

Throw them all in a cocktail shaker, lots of crisp ice and shake it baby. Strain over a coupe glass. Once poured, peel, twist and place the orange peel onto the glass lip.

This drink is fresh, by gone legend and you will love how simple it is to make. Now we need to work out which Cuban president it was named after. The good one or the bad one? Hmmmmm

Enjoy. And remember to #runtotherum

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