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If it's Friday, that means we can drink lots of Rum. Right?

Here at Bridgetown Monroe, we usually don't need an excuse to drink rum. We love nothing more than to sample some of the finest rums globally, with two aims, for us to get slightly tipsy and happy but more importantly to taste, discover and bring to the bar, so our amazing customers can enjoy our carefully selected rums.


We are a cocktail bar, specialising in rum, usually having at least 30 brands of rum at anyone event we attend. The brands are always rotating as we discover new and old flavours. We like to keep abreast of all Rums, and with this comes research, research and research.

Along with rum cocktails we also serve Prosecco. You will see in a future post why we chose Da Luca Prosecco. There are carefully selected reasons behind our choice. We serve plenty of wine and one kind of beer. (more to follow)

But back to the main reason for this post. It is Friday and we can drink rum. I write this from our office tucked away just north of London. We are in Isolation. Come to think about it, we should be at the Eat & Drink Festival in London at the moment. It would of been our biggest festival to date, 18 days, 260k people in attendance. Shame on Covid for dashing our dreams.... but the festival is re booked for July 2020 (who knows if this date will go ahead)

We had some delicious rums lined up for the event, and one in particular. La Hechicera. Oh my days, we love this rum at Bridgetown Monroe. In fact it could be our fave. La Hechicera is Spanish for "the enchantress". The rum is made in Colombia and is Solera-aged for between 12 and 21 years in bourbon barrels. For three generations, the Riascos family have been creating fine rums in Columbia. It is a tiny company when you compare to your Bacardis etc.


Maestro Ronero (master blender) is Giraldo Mituoka Kagana, started his career cutting sugar cane in Cuba and has since perfected his knowledge of sugar and it's distillates. La Hechicera is naturally an unpolished rum which means it has not been rounded up with additives or sugars, its smoothness and flavour are the result of the noble wood it is aged in. It doesn't require any finishing what so ever.

Bridgetown Monroe encourage rum lovers to have it neat or over a single rock in order to enjoy the flavours without disruption. First your nose, a scent of coffee beans and chocolate. Plantains, peppermint leaves and vanilla. Oh my days. Now you taste it.... sip it, don't neck it, certainly don't mix it. You will notice a dark chocolate, a pinch of chilli, black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla.

It is smooth. Easy, very easy to drink. No burn, just very distinctive flavours. You can see why the bottle is sealed with a wax stamp. Anything with a wax seal is deemed quality right?

How did we discover La Hechicera? we were lucky to attend the RumFest in London two years go, and booked onto a tasting masterclass with an unknown rum brand (unknown to me at the time) and the tutors of the masterclass were actually the owners of La Hechicera. A relatively young couple, late 30's, brother and sister Riascos. They are the generation of the Riascos family that are in charge. Lovely people, they oozed passion for their brand and instantly made us fall in love with what they have achieved. That passion is now transferred into Bridgetown Monroe. We in many peoples eyes are becoming one of the best cocktail bars in the UK. We are mobile. You will have seen our bar.... proper cool hey? much better than bricks and mortar. Much louder as well.

Our knowledge of Rum and pure excitement for making and serving rum, cocktails and fizz is why we continue to grow, even in times we all find ourselves in. We will defeat this Covid, one sip of rum at a time. Please stay safe.

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