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The most exciting rum cocktails at the moment. With Bridgetown Monroe!

I mean, where do we start. Rum has to be one of the most versatile spirits available. You will find it in about 60% of most cocktails. Sometimes without you ever knowing.

Here at Bridgetown Monroe, we call our selves a world famous cocktail bar for a reason. We know our rum and we SHOUT about our rum. We loved nothing more than to experiment with Rum, mix it, mash it, thrash it about until we find the perfect cocktails.

We also like to make the traditional tiki cocktails, but always with an added twist. We are known for our 4 key signature cocktails. The My Mai, The Hardi Cider, The Old Boy Fashioned and The Grey Punch. Each of our cocktails have been carefully crafted to taste breathtaking. They are sweet, smooth and if they were bottomless, perfect.

The Grey Punch

The owner of Bridgetown Monroe, Mr Wolf, couldn't be any more pro Rum if he tried. He is always sampling the best rums from around the world with one aim, to bring back to Bridgetown Monroe and serve to his wonderful customers. Always exploring new cocktails, new tastes and experiences, our menu is always evolving to deliver the best. On our journeys we have discovered new and exciting cocktails and here are a few of our fave that aren't our key signatures.


Imagine a Bloody Mary hybrid and you are most of the way there. Flavoured with tomato, watermelon, basil, syrup, olive oil, paprika and lots and lots of aged rum.

3 Cherry tomatoes

Chunk of Watermelon

50ml of Aged Rum

15ml Basil Syrup (you can make this easy at home)

Dash of Olive Oil

Pinch of Salt and Pepper

Lime Wedge

Pinch of Paprika

I mean, it is weird ingredients, but some how it works. It certainly is nicer than a Bloody Mary, they do say you can switch the oil for Tabasco for a bit of ball kicking but I am good with the oil.


It's numbing to say the least. A tiki cocktail with balls. It is usually served in a fish bowl with a group of friends but if you are on your own it would make you dangerous so you can narrow it down to a highball glass. It will kill pain, but it won't help the hangover the next morning and the explanation to why you have one eye brow missing.

60ml of aged Rum

120ml of Pineapple Juice

30ml of Orange Juice

30ml of Coconut Cream

Dash of simple syrup

Sprinkle of Nutmeg


Another Tiki cocktail, and this is a banger. Creamy, smooth and fresh. It tastes like a dessert, fills you up like one, and 100% easy on the eye as well. It is delicious. The list below makes a LARGE drink. Just because you can. You will need a blender for this one.

90ml Coconut rum

1 scoop of Coconut Sorbet

250ml of Coconut milk

250ml of Frozen Pineapple chunks

2 dashes of Grenadine

They are this weeks three cocktails for you to enjoy. Don't forget to try our very own 4 key signature cocktails. Under our MASTERCLASS page, you can see how to make them. You will also see Mr Wolf's chops.

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