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Winchester foodies. You rocked our world!

The weekend of the 16th July 2021 marks the first day in 20 months we have done a festival, and by golly god it felt good. For 20 months we haven't been able to trade, to sell a single drink to our amazing friends, to even venture into crowds more than 30.

We were invited to this years Foodies Festival in Winchester, and we must admit we were a little nervous. Boris I think flips a coin when he wakes up to determine what stays open and what remains closed. We bit the bullet, said YES and by god we enjoyed it. In particular the Saturday. Non stop action at the bar. We actually sold out of every bottle of rum we brought, and we brought a lot.

I will remember this festival for a very long time. It gave us our freedom back, it felt normal for the first time in 20 months and we had such a laugh. Plus the 28 degree sunshine, meant the drinks kept flowing. #runtotherum #rum #foodiesfestival #rumcocktails #mobilebar #chevyc10 #bridgetownmonroe #winchester #rumshack #cocktails #prosecco #britishsummertime #summer

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