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Bridgetown Monroe is available for EVENTS, FESTIVALS, WEDDINGS, PARTIES,
CORPORATION GIGS, RUM TASTINGS & anyone that enjoys Rum and Prosecco.
For full price lists please enquire at
for further details. Our main general menu is below, but we can tailor a
little more to your day if you require. 



This is you being generous to your rock star guests.. 

Treat them to an open bar of the finest rum cocktails and fizz. We aren't silly so we would suggest you cap a limit on the spend. 

We can also accommodate a wider bar if someone just won't sip on the best rum and delicious fizz.

Best cocktail tiki bar in London uk


This option keeps the drinks flowing but at the cost and discretion of your guests. (i.e. a cash bar)


There is no caps, no limits, just goes off how thirsty your rock stars are. (a deposit is held which is refundable if min spend is achieved)

All prices are available upon request.*

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Best cocktail tiki bar in London uk

*Each option comes with a hire charge, which covers a set up and break down, staff, card paying facilities, and lots of ramblings about rum. We will travel anywhere to provide a service, and the first 50miles from Hitchin, Herts is covered. Anything beyond this incurs a mileage charge. Not a lot but Dexter gets thirsty. 

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