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wine & Beer

Best rum bar in uk
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First off why Rum?

Because everyone drinks gin and instead people should drink rum & cocktails. 


Because given the choice who doesn't want to be a pirate or imagine themselves on a golden sandy beach in Montego Bay?


Rum is rich in history and smooth in flavour. You must drink a good bottle of rum to appreciate everything it stands for. The British Navy were rationed rum up until July 31st 1971 and look how good our Navy was then? 


Rum is the drink of the Caribbean, orginating in Barbados but quickly becoming the tipple of choice across Jamaica, Cuba and Latin America. Rum comes under some other familiar, and some not so familiar guises, which include Nelson's blood, kill-devil, demon water, pirate's drink, navy neaters, Barbados water, grog, and rumbullion... but we prefer good old fashioned RUM that's why we are Best rum bar in uk.

Best rum bar in uk

It rolls off the tongue perfectly, or slurs depending on how many you have enjoyed.


But drink responsibly, seriously, listen to your Mum- because she really enjoys a ton of rum cocktails too. 


Now unfortunately, not everyone likes Rum or isn't  feeling it on a certain day, so we like to cater especially for you. We serve one kind of Prosecco and only one, because it fricken rocks. It is the best Prosecco this side of anywhere. Thats our brand motto in everything we do. Always serve the best. Never ever anything less. 


We serve one kind of beer as well. Red Stripe. It's fresh, crisp, ice cold and sits nicely alongside our rum, coming all the way from Jamaica. 


We also do wine, because wine on a good day is like drinking water. It quenches the thirst and gets you a little tipsy as well. 


Lastly we have a full range of softs. All of them top shelf, so you may even get one of your 5-a- day from them. In fact, add a little rum to that soft and you will be happy and healthy.  

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Best rum bar in uk
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Best rum bar in uk
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