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Our beautiful 1970 Chevy C-10 Side Step pick up truck, lovingly converted to serve the world's best rum & drink.

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We call the truck Dexter. He is big, bold, strong and famous.

Covered head to tail in patina, with over 50 years of working history, our Dexter deserves to be admired. Earning the respect of many a hard working cowboy, our Dexter was originally a workhorse on the ranches of Texas. You would also think after 50 years of working he deserves to be retired and well rested, but if it is the power house behind the rum machine, we say 'Dexter get back to work bitch'

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Now, we aren't one of those mobile bars that has a fancy truck but don't drive the thing. Dexter is our very own workhorse, he was built to be ridden and we turn up to every event with the engine revving. Inside the hood, there is a huge V8 roaring beast.

Never has something like this been seen before. Our Dexter truck is famous and we want you to enjoy him at your next event.  

Now the bar. It swings out like a set of airplane wings, and can cater for 100's of people at any one time with up to 4 expert cocktail mixologists working their magic. The bar looks simple but that is the clever engineering, to never take away from the look of the truck but be as functional and seamless as a bar you would ball into on the high street. 

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