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"Drinking Rum before 10am makes you a Pirate, not an Alcoholic"


"Best cocktail Bar in UK", "Best cocktail Bar in UK"


Bridgetown Monroe is, in essence, a mobile rum shack, serving from the most iconic pickup truck America has produced. We travel the entire country serving the best rum cocktails, beer & fizz. We love everything Americana, Caribbean and everything rum, as well as sharing our love and excitement for the Bridgetown Monroe brand.  

Mobile cocktail bar hire for weddings truck

The  Truck

It's a truck, but a cocktail bar, but a truck... but a cocktail bar....I am confused 

Covered head to tail in patina, with over 50 years of working history, our Dexter deserves to be admired. We are the best and most unique mobile bar around.


Earning the respect of many a hard working cowboy, our Dexter was originally a workhorse on the ranches of Texas. You would also think after 50 years of working he deserves to be retired and well rested, but as it is the power house behind the rum machine, we say 'Dexter get back to work' as now you are a mobile bar hire.

glass of drink at Best cocktail bar in the UK

Best cocktail bars in the UK

Best cocktail bars in the UK

The pertfectly incredible Best cocktail bars in the UK | Serving the Best Rum Cocktails, Beer & fizz making us one of the "Best Cocktail Bars in the UK"

"Best cocktail bars in the UK" "Best cocktail bars in the UK" "Best cocktail bars in the UK" "Best cocktail bars in the UK"


a couple after wedding

Getting Hitched

Whether you are having a huge wedding or a small intimate affair, Bridgetown Monroe love nothing more than being part of your special day. We are the most unique and coolest mobile bar.

We work alongside you and your venue to create the most beautiful, iconic experience.  


Not only will you look back on your special day for an entire life time, but we’re confident you’ll also remember the taste of our cocktails and Prosecco

best rum you can buy at Bridgetown Monroe

How much  party DO you have in you?

Look at our options and you can decide If you want to throw a wild, crazy party with no expenses spared or reign it in and let your guests pay. You are the baller of this party. We are the most iconic mobile bar hire. 

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