Bridgetown Monroe Rum Shack-


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London, UK

Covering Europe.

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Best cocktail Bar in UK

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"Drinking Rum before 10am makes you a Pirate, not an Alcoholic"

"Best cocktail Bar in UK", "Best cocktail Bar in UK"


Bridgetown Monroe is in essence a mobile rum shack, serving from the most iconic pickup truck America has produced. We travel the entire country serving the best Rum cocktails, beer & fizz. We love everything Americana, Caribbean & everything rum and sharing our love and excitement for the Bridgetown Monroe brand.  

Carefully sourced from around the globe, we have hand picked the best rum to be served neat , with your chosen mixer or in one of our signature cocktails. 


We really know our rum, we know where it comes from and why you should choose a certain rum. We won't bore you, we won't even educate you, (unless you would like). We simply let you enjoy the flavours, the spices and the banter with friends.

We serve rum by the measure, and if it's that kind of party you can even purchase the entire bottle. You wild child. 

We have several package options available depending on your requirements and can accommodate small groups to large festival parties. From open bars, to pay per drink. You are the boss. 

We don't just serve Rum. We wouldn't want to force rum on someone who just doesn't enjoy it, so we also serve the most amazing Italian fizz and some Caribbean style beer. Who doesn't like a bottle of bubbles when the party is in full swing. We have also been known to add a splash of bubbles to our famous Rum cocktails.

The man behind the bar is the actual owner of Bridgetown Monroe, a trained rum connoisseur and an internationally renowned photographer and film director.

Imagine all of the above served from an amazing, historic,  American pickup truck.