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As Turner her self said

We think Tina was talking about us all those years back.

Bridgetown Monroe is a beautifully designed Cocktail Lounge Bar

In Bucklersbury, Hitchin. Its more of a hop and a skip to Market Square. If you Jump you will have gone too far.

We specialise in beautiful, expertly crafted cocktails. There are 50 on the extensive menu, with 30 being at least Rum based. 

We love our Rum, it's in our blood, not from drinking too much of the stuff, but more our passion and love for the most diverse spirit.

We made a conscious effort to keep the bar over 21's past 8.30pm. We wanted a place where you can come and relax, listen to your mates or loved ones chat, and have a little dance to our eclectic taste in music. 

We believe it is all about drinks, service and furniture. You enter Bridgetown Monroe and you instantly feel right at home. We do have boundaries though, so no taking your pants off and sitting in front of our TV. 

Our Bar staff are the best around. They know the cocktails inside and out, and they even deliver it with a smile. We take our time with our cocktails. Nothing is pre made and nothing is rushed. The best drinks in the world take time, patience and craft. 

If cocktails aren't your tipple, just hold your horses. We have the amazing Forest Road Brewery on tap. The only place it is served in North Herts. You ain't getting no Fosters here. 

We have a strong selection of specialist wines and champagne and we even welcome dogs. In fact, we love dogs. 

Ho'i Hou Ke Aloha.

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